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Fashion does make a statement

There has been a lot of questions surrounding the First Lady's decision to wear a jacket that says "I REALLY DON'T CARE. DO YOU?" and the dismissive response of .... "it's just a jacket"

I want to emphatically state .... No it is not just a jacket.  Fashion does make a statement and that statement is a reflection on who you are.

Let me be clear .... this has nothing to do with politics.  I would have a problem with this no matter who was wearing it.  My point is that we must be careful when wearing a message that sends a message.  

The first time I ever realized this was when I was participating in a karate demonstration many years ago.  Remember Spuds, the Bud Light dog? 

Yep that was how far back it was.  Anyway, a mother came up to me and said that her son was upset.....she explained he had come up to her in tears saying "Mom!  Mrs. Averill is a party animal!"  As a karate instructor of children, I knew that my words and actions had an effect - never did it enter my mind that the statement on clothes would also have an impact.  I mean certain things are obvious but Spuds?!?  He's so dog-gone cute!!

Being the think-on-the-spot person I am (I did teach kids after all!), I went up to her son and told him that I had spilled coffee on my original shirt and had  to borrow this one (yes .... this is where the little white lie comes in but that's a discussion for another day).  I said "I don't think this one is very appropriate, do you?" and asked if he would check with his big sister to see if she had an extra shirt I could borrow.  He gleefully ransacked his sister's bag and proudly presented me with a white shirt.  

So, yes, what we wear does make a difference.  The higher you are, the more important is it to think before wearing something that is so inappropriate to the that situation it raises questions of propriety.  

Do we all make mistakes?  Yes, we're human.  After all, I made one!  But as humans, we must practice humanity, be thoughtful and present positive attitudes.  

In this instance, this was far from a mistake .....and if it was simply a mistake, the next blog will be about how it feels when my brain explodes.  It is frightening to think that no one in her circle thought this was a bad selection.

First:  The message is negative .... apathetic, disinterested, unconcerned, unmoved, dispassionate.  In order to be an example to others, we must project a positive image.  Everyone, and especially people held in high regard, must care and be interested.  

Second:  Given the situation, this message is completely and totally inappropriate.  Honestly, I truly do not know what anyone could have been thinking with this choice.

Third:  Quit SCREAMING at me!  Ok I just had to put this in because the message was in all caps!  

We are all responsible for the decisions we make and the messages we send. 

I learned from my mistake.  It is my hope that others will too.