Responsibility 101

Over the years I have found a complete change in the way people conduct business in the Cannabis industry.   

We all have responsibilities and commitments and I was raised to ALWAYS meet those commitments.  I understand that there are obstacles that occur in life yet we also live in a society where "little white lies " prevail.  Be truthful in your dealings and explain your situation.  9 times out of 10 companies will do what they can to extend credit, arrange payment plans or accept returns.

In the age of social media, it is difficult for business owners to be flexible in payment arrangements when they see post of their customers enjoying themselves at a festival or some other event which cost money to attend, even if it's just gas.

And if you really want to support a brand, purchase an item and represent them.  Please do not ask for freebies.  The Cannabis Community in the past has been a give and take Community.  Recently, we've seen more of a take and not give attitude.  It's time we return to the high standards of dealing with and as a business.