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Maxi Dress (2-sided)

Maxi Dress (2-sided)

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Maxi dress is printed with a unique fractal ganja print, perfect 420 dress to wear as a cruise dress, resort dress, wear on a Hawaiian beach or to a wedding.  This beautiful dress is not your typical 420 weed dress!

You get 2 for 1 with this dress!  Wear full print in front or black panel for a more elegant look.  Tie it, belt it or let it flow.

• Made from 100% recycled rayon mixed with natural wood waste.


Care of your new hawaiian maxi dress:

Just like our gardens, TLC is the best way to keep our designs alive. Hand/gentle wash cold; hang/no heat dry.

We strive to use minimum packaging to protect the environment. To protect Mother Earth, we only use what's necessary - no inks, plastics or boxes. Our girls are beautiful enough and don't need it anyway.

Please reuse or recycle. Many of our items are eco-friendly and even those that are the more traditional polyesters can be reused in so many ways. Cut up different fabrics to teach younglings how to sew is just one idea. At any time after you have enjoyed full use of this product, you are welcome to send us the well loved item and we'll recycle it for you!