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Thank you for visiting my site and exploring the multi-dimensional beauty of cannabis.

My Story began with a “gag” gift when someone saw a photograph I had mixed into a fractal design and said “that would make cool wallpaper”.  When the panel arrived, we experienced the enjoyment of seeing hidden images in the design (hence the name Cannaflage Designs).  The patterns were so mesmerizing and beautiful I realized this was a design that would finally weed out the stamped "leaf” pattern from our homes and closets.

Cannaflage Designs is a full circle, family operated business.  My husband is the grower; I am the photographer and designer.  Our gardens are a part of our family and, like family, are loved and nurtured until fully grown and ready to provide health and wellness to others.

As living beings, our girls deserve the right to create their own life without undue influence on my part.  As a result, all photographs are taken on an automatic setting with natural lighting.  The only image manipulation is in the creation of the fractal or geometric mix.

My designs showcase flowers, buds, and hanging gardens from our own Southern Oregon farms.  Images are fashioned into living art and fractal illuminations that are dripping with crystals and color.  Hidden images appear and disappear with distance, angle and lighting which create a shape shifting effect.

It is my belief that this plant in both forms (cannabis and hemp) can heal our bodies and our planet.  With the relaxing, meditative effect of Cannaflage Designs we can now heal our minds.  I am honored to have the opportunity to help others create the perfect ambiance for their home and business.  I love knowing that my customers and their guests will experience years of enjoyment as they watch Cannaflage Designs come to life.

I invite you to connect with us on our social media and visit our web page often for new products, pricing and availability. 

Stay in touch as we Walk the Talk in support of all that is cannabis.


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