Spark Conversation as you Walk the Talk

In the past Cannabis was associated only with a leaf  image which did nothing to expand people’s impression of the plant and those who use it.  

Reefer madness was well connected to this icon.  Today the face of cannabis has changed and even mainstream is becoming enamored with the beauty of the plant particularly in its flower and bud stage.  By creating imagery that is fractal and geometric, the plant displays its true beauty in a meditative design that is dripping with crystal and color.  Wearing apparel that is sophisticated and stylish generates interest and sparks conversation. In this way, we can educate others as to the health benefits of the plant. 

Throughout history, sacred geometry has always been a part of our meditative process.  The plant itself has been used for millinea by native cultures to heal their people.  Living under the shadow of the leaf, the cannabis community was devoid of such beauty until recently. 

When you Walk the Talk with Cannaflage Designs, you will receive one of 3 responses: 

  1. Complete lack of awareness that the design is cannabis …. “your cloths are beautiful; where did you buy them?” This is my favorite as it shows how well the designs blend in with mainstream.  I always let them know that it is cannabis which is then met with pure astonishment. 

  1. Side glances (is she really wearing cannabis?). 

  1. Outright admiration for the beauty of cannabis 

Each and every response sparks different conversations yet all conversations eventually move toward the healing benefits of cannabis.  

Cannabis has come full circle ~ Hemp can heal the planet; Cannabis can heal our bodies; Fractal imagery heals our minds as we surround ourselves with designs that create an environment for reflection and contemplation. 

As you look at our designs you will see images, faces, labyrinths and much more.  These images will change with distance, angle and lighting and quite often shows the individual what it wants them to see. 

Everything has meaning.  In our next 2 blogs, we'll introduce you to the meaning behind our logo and each design that is currently being showcased. 

Until then, enjoy life and seek out beauty whether it be in the soft sound of an ocean breeze, the laughter of a child or the wisdom of an elder.