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M/L-Blue Widow

Hippy Skirt, Gypsy Skirt, Maxi Skirt, Maxi Skirt Boho Skirt in Marijuana Print, Upcycled Skirt, Festival Skirt, Bohemian Skirt, Sundress

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Show off your gypsy spirit!  Dance your way around the world with this multi-purpose skirt.  Wear long or shorten it up for a strapless sun dress.

Each skirt is truly unique.  Patchwork design was created to use up small remnants of fabric and avoid waste.  Comes with front pocket purse!  Design is based on front panel with unique patchwork creating a truly unique, one of a kind look.

Great maxi skirt, patch work upcycled festival skirt in cannabis print

Made in the USA from a soft 100% recycled rayon mixed with natural wood waste.



Care of your new ganja skirt:

Just like our gardens, TLC is the best way to keep our designs alive.  Hand wash cold; hang/no heat dry.